Rethinking ornaments

I make an ornament every year for my children (look here and here). My parents decided to give us children an ornament, and their parents did likewise for us, so that when we grew up and left the house, we would have our own meaningful collection of ornaments to use at Christmas. I’ve been told Mr. GAIN‘s siblings and in-laws that it’s an excellent idea that they wished had happened for them.

I recently posted my ornament idea — patchwork stars. I had previously decided that eggs would be our ornament, and I’ll tell you why I switched.

It’s the eggshells. Breaking a store-bought eggshell to make a nice opening is very easy. But they are very thin and break easily _everywhere_. Breaking a farm-bought eggshell is difficult. But they are strong and do not break easily which is great for storage. Dilemma: having a strong eggshell that easily, predictably breaks into a nice opening. I want both features in one egg, and haven’t been able to do so. The three ornaments that I have made are darling, and I may try to get a fourth and fifth one (my four kids plus me) done, but I won’t be making 20 (cousins).

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