I Won a Giveaway

I was blessed by the Green Bag Lady with a bag…and a Pay It Forward mission. To enter her SMS giveaway, you had to agree to a “Take One, Make One” deal. Out of 358 comments, she chose 100 winners to receive a bag, along with fabric to make a bag for giving away. I thought I could do this challenge because her pattern doesn’t require much fabric (1 and 1/8 yd). I didn’t read the details close enough. I didn’t realize that all the winners received pre-cut fabric for the pay it forward part. It’s already cut and shouldn’t take long for me to make. I just have to sit down and do it. Sweet deal for me.

I got the bag yesterday, and I just used the bag for the first time tonight at the grocery store. I am hoping that the light yellow stays nice looking for a while. It’s much cheerier than the drab bags I already had.

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