graham cracker houses

After reading the Better Homes and Gardens Dec. 2009 issue, I decided that we needed to make some houses, too. It was pretty easy. I’ve baked gingerbread houses before, and I can never get beautiful flat pieces. My pans are always warped. The main difference between the royal icing I used to make graham cracker houses (recipe in BHG) vs. gingerbread houses is that I made in the past is that the graham cracker icing was runny. It still hardened like a rock, but took a long time to set. It did not work for making icicles and fences.

I pre-assembled the cracker squares like the magazine said — using caramel to set the squares at right angles. Each one-story house needs three of these, two for the house and one for the roof.

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  1. GP & GM Campbell

    Mitty cute project. So proud of all the things you and the family do together. Merry Christ Mas, to all with our LOVE. Gramps and Grandma.

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