Crafting revelations

Photo to the left is the Kool-Aid tie-dye for Christmas.

As the new year starts, I have reflected some on my crafting. Leave me a comment about the list after you are done reading it.

1. I cannot craft a gift for someone unless I have good thoughts. Thoughts about the world, my life, the person getting the gift, everything goes into my creative process. Progress can halt, slow, increase madly, or move along at a good pace all because of my state of mind.

2. Some people see crafting as work; I see crafting as a celebration. It’s a happy process. My sister-in-law celebrated Christmas in her youth, but did not make crafts or bake cookies. Her family went to the store for gifts and cookies. I could not explain well enough that my celebration of the holiday included the process of making things. Making things is how I express care; it also prepares me emotionally and mentally for life and the holidays. It puts me in a good mood.

3. I appreciate people when they make genuinely nice comments about my crafts. If someone makes fun of me for crafting, I’d prefer they look at it as something constructive and give me a non-sarcastic compliment. Crafting gives me something constructive to do. I don’t sit still very well, and crafting allows me to sit still. I do not craft for competition, to out-do people, or to make myself look good. I craft because it fills a need — to see that I am making progress at something (somehow, sweeping the floor after kids doesn’t fill the need), reducing my tendency to move around enough so that I can sit on the couch with my husband while he watches TV, always having a gift ready for emergencies, etc.

4 thoughts on “Crafting revelations”

  1. I LOVE your crafts. You always have so many great ideas. Your gifts are always so awesome. So full of thought and love. I have always been envious of them but in a good way! Your definitely an inspiration.

  2. GP & GM Campbell

    When it comes to family I like to have appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual. And Love and appreciate them for what they are. I believe you two be a very motivated person. And so pleased and proud to be you Grandfather. If we always treat others as we would like to be treated the world would be a better place. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Gramps

  3. There's nothing like something homemade/handmade… knowing someone has taken the time to think of one personally and put time, effort, creativity, and love into the gift is priceless.

  4. Your thoughts on crafting are very much the same ones I have. And so many people so not understand, especially the not being able to sit still. I think my husband forgets I was never in the room with him in the evenings until I started fiber crafting.

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