Following Monet at the Train Station

I didn’t take time Friday to paint my watercolor, so I spent time this morning on it. I definitely am challenged by dark colors and washes. I get wet on wet (plenty of tips from my four kids with their public school art experience), I get layering and color mixing. I think my browns are quite exceptional. Except for the dark colors.

In other crafting news, the kids have carved snow caves and turned huge snow balls into snow cubes and blocks. We’ve been entertained by Calvin and Hobbes-esque snow creations that the neighborhood kids created — a snowman cut in half the tall way. We’re inspired to tap our inner Calvins. If we could only get a wetter snow, rather than dry, drifted and compacted snow. Or not. The frosted trees look great right now, I just can’t get a good picture of them. Too much background crap. That’s what we get for living in a neighborhood.

1 thought on “Following Monet at the Train Station”

  1. GP & GM Campbell

    You are doing well with the painting as well as many other things. You are a very busy family. And we are so PROUD of all of you. Miss you and the family and am looking forward to getting back home by Easter. Gramps

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