Work in Progress

I spent some time this afternoon buying supplies to make these earrings. They are my samples before I decide on “real supplies,” should I end up liking the patterns. The pattern: Bijouterie, found at, Earring 1 (foreground) and Earring 3 (background). I didn’t make up a sample for Earring 2 yet. It looked like it would take more concentration that I could give at the time. We were trying to watch “Old Yeller,” and I can’t concentrate that much AND watch a classic movie at the same time.

I didn’t quite get all the supplies right. Lots of substitutions — I used 28 gauge wire (32 gauge suggested), used size 3 needles (size 2 suggested), and didn’t buy pearls (there were none, nor were there buttons in 4mm). There were no thimble beads (I bought crimps), and I’m not sold on the pattern quite yet (that’s why I didn’t spend much on beads). BUT I am very intrigued. Our local bead store, Artistic Bead, has great service. Having a frequent buyer card also helps make the experience great. And the fact that it is housed in a funky old bank building with a vault also contributes. Shopping for beads is usually fun, even if I don’t have an end product in mind.

I knit three wire bracelets a few years back with great success. The store that created the bracelet pattern has sadly closed. Like Artistic Bead, it was located in Valley Junction. Bijouterie Earring 3 looks like it may be a good companion to the bracelet pattern. I still have some beads left from one particular bracelet, and I may count them to see if I can get a matched jewelry set.

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