Crafting in a group

(sorry, michelle and pattie. i didn’t ask your permission. i think six years time gives me rights, doesn’t it? LOL)

Last night, I stopped in at our church‘s Prayer Shawl Ministry. I hadn’t visited in a while and it was wonderful. There is something soothing about the monotonous, mindless knitting pattern, and it is very conducive to quiet praying and chatting. Praying for anything and chatting about anything. It gathers men and women, young and old, from different backgrounds. Even if you are not working on a prayer shawl (yarn supplied!), you are welcome.

I also enjoy scrapbooking as a group. There is something about the social aspect that makes me more productive. It could be the creative energy, inspiration from other people’s photos and work, the rush you get when looking at supplies, I don’t know. But like knitting, I feel that there is no judging of ability or person if you’re with the right group. I’ve been in a few groups, the most active one at the moment is a meetup group.

If you are a lone ranger crafter, I encourage you to seek out a group that fits your personality.

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