Quilting plans

I have not really spent my Christmas money. With the weather, I just didn’t get out during our usual Christmas break. Then regular, non-shopping life arose. I’ve bought one $30 pair of shoes. That’s it. I planned to buy a walking foot in order to quilt at home. I’m sure I could just place a phone call to Midwest and get it done, but I haven’t. Probably because I didn’t have a project in mind.
The project came to my mind this week. The wonky house blocks, combined with leftover and new crazy quilt blocks, will make a nice wonky quilt. My son began his second sewing class at school on Friday (insert dual enrollment love here) and I know that crazy quilt blocks for a pillow are on the syllabus — my inspiration. Since the house blocks CREATE a lot of scraps, this should be an easy project.
So now I’ve got a reason to call Midwest, and new project to work on, and another shared thing to share with my kid. Life is good.
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