We use “puzzling” as a verb. I think G of GAIN came up with this as a youngster. He still finds certain words “fun to say.” He is a little like Buddy the Elf, always has been.

Below is the puzzle that mostly I have worked on. It came from my mom. G of GAIN thought it looked really cool when she delivered it — guys and horses on top, with wolves cleverly looking like a reflection in the water. She said, “It’s almost reversible.” Of course, G’s put in only five pieces. A of GAIN is the same way — “It is so cool. I love that picture.” She put more pieces in the puzzle than G, perhaps 30. She sorted a LOT of the pieces, without anyone asking, which helped me immensely.

This is what is supposed to look like. But I think I’m done. This might be the first time I’ve called “Uncle” on a puzzle.

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