A recent message from my college roommate asked how to start a project when you aren’t going to finish right away. I think that’s what she said. There are four solutions to this question.


I don’t finish everything. Some things, like scrapbooks, will never be finished. Inherently won’t get done. Ever. I just let it go. So my desk and chair and space around the desk and chair are filled with things that will “some day” get into a scrapbook. I was able to contain everything IN the desk for a long time, but I don’t see that happening again for a while.

(And in my defense, the side table top on the left there is mostly covered with stuff for an upcoming homeschool mom meeting. The table is usually clean. The pile of old jeans on the floor is addressed in the fourth solution below. Whenever you see valentine or card, substitute the word jeans.)

Second, some things don’t get finished quickly, but I can hide some Works In Progress, like yo-yo’s. Small enough to stow in a paper bag, then in my purse or drawer until I’m ready to work again. Knitting supplies go into a carved wooden chest.

Third, some projects I choose because they are quick. Dishcloths, cards, small sewing projects.

Fourth, Then other things are left out until they are finished. Seeing the mess serves as a reminder says, “HEY, FINISH THIS PROJECT ASAP!!!” For example, my youngest undertook valentine making for my two siblings and Mr. TellBlast’s seven siblings and their families, and grandparents.

That’s a lot of card making. And a lot of mess. Every time you walk by, you think, I ought to sit down and make a valentine. And to her credit, she does.

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