Monkey Magnets

How cute are these? I got these monkey magnets from Mostly Magnets through a giveaway at Rants In My Pants. Wow, many prepositional phrases. OK, clearer — I entered a giveaway to win these magnets. My youngest noticed that I had put them up. I asked if she liked them, and she answered by holding up the (open mouth) “Ooo!” and (smile with teeth) “I like” magnets.

I am very impressed by the strength of the magnets. And the images are so very cute. Whether they are used with the magnetic words or for keeping track of hair cut coupons, I’m hoping they bring more smiles into our house.

2 thoughts on “Monkey Magnets”

  1. i also want everyone to know that the magnet is attached in such a way that your finger can pick it up easily. the glass pebble is not so close to the surface that you need fingernails of great strength to move it. Like a finger guard on the lid of a well-made saucepan, the magnets are pleasing in weight and feel and very usable. Thank you to Rants in the my Pants and Mostly Magnets!

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