[Yes, I’ve seen the movie Sideways. How appropriate for blogger to turn my photo sideways.]

That was fast! With new yarn for every row, I had a little difficulty keeping track of which end to attach the new yarn to. Being a skinny stockinette stitch scarf made this fast. Casting on was slow, and I did not count my stitches. Sideways is very appropriately named.

You cannot see every yarn precisely. I used ribbon yarn, tube yarn, sock yarn in triple strand, acrylic leftover from Christmas ornaments, heather from my BIL’s fingerless mitts, fun fur, thick Wool-Ease, chenille yarn, a nice blend that I bought in WI at the LYS — basically any yarn that was not for a dishcloth or super special (angora, etc. that I’m saving for “something”) went into this scarf.

This scarf will probably get a lot of use — it’s fairly long, light colored and goes with many outfits. I think I’ll make a dark sideways scarf next, with a few bright strands.

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