I love giveaways. I also like the way blog giveaways are usually designed — you learn and see something new, and sometimes you get material goods. I like to stay current for occasional conversations, and I like being a consumer.

Here’s my latest giveaway win from Tara at DSM Coupon Mom  (soon to be changing her name).
I love getting happy mail. Priority mail just seems to be extra special.

This is where my kids might quote_The Emperor’s New Groove_ — “…put that box in another box, and mail it to myself.”

And for the big reveal…..

I won a leather photo album and coupon for free product!

Every giveaway works similarly. This one happened to require answering a question in the comment area. Most giveaways, like this one, are trying to grow their readership and do market research (did you read about MyBlogSpark in Tara’s post? Yeah, me neither, but that’s what I think it is), so “following” a blog, naming a favorite product, identifying a new piece of information, retweeting, becoming a facebook fan, etc. can also give you entries. More entries are presented, flawed in my thinking, as increasing your chances of winning. (hello? really? have you heard of dilution and saturation? that negates the extra entries) 

I will be having a giveaway later this year. Not so much for promotion (I’m not a business blogger), but to spread the blogger love and reduce my crafting stash. Let’s vote: should I give away a sideways scarf or a yo-yo necklace? Look in the sidebar and vote for a week.

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