More Spring Break

As I mentioned earlier, on Tuesday of Spring Break last week, we had families over for lunch. The funny thing was that there were a lot of kids. An average of 3.25 kids per adult. (And one family cancelled!)  I laid out carrot and celery sticks. I love carrot and celery sticks. By the end of our lunch, the carrots were gone.
The celery, barely touched. There were no celery fans at our party.

I took some new carrots and the leftover celery, hummus, and mint dip to a different party, a home school moms meeting, on Thursday night. Almost all of it was gone by the end of the night. Yes! Celery fans! My people!

One highlight of the meeting was meeting Diana and Alice. New people — new to home schooling and new to the town. I love to see people get turned on to something that I am passionate about. Homeschooling is one of those passions. It’s been very right for our family.

Being in a group really energizes me — knitting, scrapbooking, talking about a book, etc. Groups give me affirmation, new ideas, and inspiration. A spark in me turns into a flame by the time I leave. Here are the blogging moms at the meeting: Maria, Diana, and me.

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