Crafting this week

I’m currently working on a rather boring dishcloth. I find the easy pattern to be a great thing while sitting with hubby. He has to watch his crazy “Lost” show, so to turn his TV time into “couple time,” I am knitting next to him on the couch.

I’ve also sewn a few merit badges and one more crazy quilt patch. It isn’t finished in the photo, but you get the idea.

I planted my salad this week. With the +80 degree temps and the upcoming showers, it made sense to put some seed down. I would photograph the dirt, but I don’t know that anyone, including me, would find black dirt very interesting. I have placed a bunny fence all around the garden box — it worked well last year, and I pray that it keeps the critters out this year. The new location I chose will hopefully keep the slugs away, too.

The most exciting news of the week is that I WON A LAYER CAKE from ADVENTURES IN DRESSMAKING!!! I am super-excited (if you follow me on twitter @threesisjulia, you know that I was hyperventilating — haha) to touch and feel and smell the fabric once it comes from the Fat Quarter Shop. Look here and drool over everything when you get some time.

You can also read Suzannah’s posts — she is quite the crafty one. As in, when you look at her work, you think, “spectacular and wow.” If only we had more time and less responsibilities, we all could sew all the time.:-) Ah, but now my youngest calls for me as I type….

3 thoughts on “Crafting this week”

  1. Hi Hulie,

    Congratulations! You won a consolation prize for the FruitFast giveaway at my blog Email me your postal information at [email protected].

  2. Hey Julia,

    Thanks for entering my giveaway at! I must say though, I LOVE Lost! It takes a lot of dedication to stick to it.

    Good luck, and keep blogging (and being crafty)!

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