Little crafty things going on here.

:: Figuring how many crazy quilt and wonky house blocks I need to fill out an entire quilt
:: Finishing the dishcloth I started oh so long ago
:: I picked up a large cardboard box from a screen door during ‘junk day’ on the east side of town. This will be for my magazine rack.
:: Buying thread to match the new Second Class Scout patch and sewing it on the left front pocket of “G” of GAIN’s scout uniform.

And……..FREEBIRD ARRIVED!!! 40 pieces of 10″ x 10″ color coordinated fabric by Moda. The colors are energetically lovely shades of brightness.  Here are my picks for two purses — a red one and a green one. I am super-excited to add some color to my very conservative wardrobe.

The challenge here was to figure out a way to use the squares for a decent-sized purse. The lining might have to be non-Freebird because I think a solid color would be good. I am choosing the two fabrics that came in doubles. The pattern I use will probably be this one that I found at Sew, Mama, Sew a while back. I’ll need to buy purse handles and interfacing, and I conveniently have a coupon for both. Gotta shop with coupons.

This layer cake I won from Adventures in Dressmaking has got to be the most expensive giveaway I have ever won. I will need to be extremely thoughtful in using all of it in order to have very little waste (have you looked at Adventures in Dressmaking? She’s participating in Stashbuster April — that’s no waste) and to maximize the look of the beautiful prints. In fact, I LOVE the Outdoors squares from my layer cake so much that I wanted it for a purse, but I think it would be best shown off as an entire square instead of cut into rectangles.

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  1. clarifying — there are 40 prints, but 42 pieces in the layer cake that I chose.

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