Crazy Wonky Houses Quilt — closer to done!

My progress:

I am halfway done with connecting all the blocks. I have *just* enough fabric to go in between the rows. The stripes will be oriented opposite of the sashing, and I’m OK with that.

Connecting the blocks into rows goes really fast. I’m pretty excited to say that a baby presented itself to me this winter. His baptism is this weekend, so I may be able to give this quilt to him on Sunday.

I also ripped out the blue Homespun prayer shawl that I started an embarrassingly long time ago. It was much too wide. I reworked it to fit on the needles better. Substituting R.E. with family movie night and watching Liberty’s Kids for history every day means that we’ve a LOT of TV. So I’ve gotten this skein of yarn almost completely worked into a shawl. I’ll need to get more by next Prayer Shawl meeting.

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