Running again

Currently on the sticks: a prayer shawl and a King Charles Brocade pattern dishcloth.

I ran out of thread for the crazy wonky house quilt this week. Just bought a new spool yesterday on the way home from Prairie City. It is a fantastic match to the backing fabric that I’m using.

Since my 5k run in late March, I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon, just as I feared. I did really well at exercising for a month, then busy spring family stuff came into my life. It happens every year. Ball games, track meets, extra-long gym classes, recitals, etc. Every year is different, yet always busy in May. What I know: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are great days for me to schedule a work out.

Enter group fitness. I am always needing something new (new place, new class, new dvd, etc.), and through my email groups, I’ve discovered two groups to work out with — a running group and a boot camp group. Both have no cost to participate and have an education component. I had the running club on my to-do list for the entire month of April, but didn’t go until I heard they were giving out free socks last week. That’s the incentive I needed! I liked it. And I liked the boot camp. Then my SIL told me about Sierra Club group hikes. Nice idea. Another group hike I’ve desired in the past meets during our regular mass time, so I’ve never attended. Maybe Sierra Club gets reviews as fantastic as the Washburn hikes that I’ve read about (for years).

So here’s the dilemma: On Mondays, do I attend the fitness group or do I attend the knitting group? Mr. TellBlast thinks I ought to run with the group, then show up to knitting club late. On Tuesdays, I’ll have to decide if I’ll group hike with the kids (Sierra club) or attend boot camp (potentially with dh and kids). Both are held at the same time. I think the location of the hike will be the deciding factor. I’ll call it cross-training.

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