Group Therapy

I am a big fan of group crafting. With many years of lone ranger crafting, I have really come to enjoy having company. Some people never had issues with groups. I have seen groups as risky — I might reveal something or hear something that I wished I hadn’t. But I like the camaraderie now. Maybe I’ve loosened up. Maybe I figured out how to be there without talking. I have no idea.
Progress check: the prayer shawl is now bicolor. I will probably quit when I run out yarn. I must save some yarn for fringe.

The quilt has not been stitched upon since I bought the new thread (two days ago). I finished stitching in the ditch for all the “vertical legs” that go around the individual blocks. Yeah, that reads clear as mud. I guess I’m saying that I have half the quilting finished. Next step will be to stitch the horizontal legs. Step after that will be to choose one shape near the center, the interior of the block. Shouldn’t take too long.

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