The Oven Squirrel

Last month, my grandparents moved. We’ve visited a few times since, and noticed their Oven Squirrel.

“A” of GAIN traced it for me, and “G” of GAIN found an old board in the garage and cut this out and filed the edges for me last week. It’s 8 3/4″ long (per “I” of GAIN’s measurement) and not nearly as cute as Grandma‘s squirrel, but that’s OK. I don’t need ribbon around the neck or stain.

You are probably wondering what an Oven Squirrel is. It’s a handy dandy tool to pull and push hot oven racks. Here is G pulling our rack out. (It’s not hot. We’re just pretending. Or acting.) When you pull a rack out, the squirrel is upside down, hooking the rack with its ears.

When you push the rack in, the squirrel is right-side up, pushing with near its neck. “I” of GAIN took this photo, and I am not editing right now because that would require switching computers. And I am very comfortable in this spot with my laptop, thank you. (How does my new oven look?) You can still figure out what I’m saying without my editing.

I am guessing that someone who spends about 45 minutes could make a more finished squirrel that would be worthy of a craft fair. Unless you used a sander, then this project would take less than 30 minutes.

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