Wood carving

If you’re a home schooler in Iowa, I’m sure you’ve seen my numerous tweets (@threesisjulia) and posts about wood carving.(Three Sisters blog here) We had lots of lead time on this particular program. (That almost never happens.)

Last Tuesday, June 29, was our first class. It was excellent. Except that I forgot my camera. Next week I’ll remember. >cross your fingers< The moms were very happy, as was I — I’ve wanted to give this experience to my kids for years. Boy Scout camp give my sons 6 hours total over a week in its wood carving class. Girl Scouts used to offer wood carving at 6 hours a day for five days. But what if you want move beyond that? Enter the retirees.

Three retirees lead our workshops. They sit at your side if you need, and they have all kinds of experience. If you are looking to take up a hobby or to increase your knowledge about a hobby, seek out retired folks in your area. They like extra money, and it doesn’t have to be much. They typically have tons of stash to give away. And they share their tools and have lots of connections for you to take advantage of.

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