Decision Seize

I’ve stalled in my crafting for a while. I knitted for a couple weeks, then had a straight pin get taken to the underworld of my sewing machine. The nice man at Midwest on E. 14th  told me how to fix the machine, and I’m ready to sew now. (It took a _long_ time to file out that nick.) I have a flannel quilt I’d like to make since I conceived the idea several months ago. I even dreamed about it last night, and considered cutting fabric this morning, but this other idea keeps coming to mind. Since I first saw it Sunday, I LOVED IT. It’s T-shirt material! Both sides of the quilt top look divine. I think I would stitch it by hand. I’m frozen in my decision!

1 thought on “Decision Seize”

  1. I dream about my new ideas all the time too! I wake up and can't get them out of my mind until I start in one the latest project. It's craziness I tell ya!

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