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See my new badge in the right-hand sidebar? I’m attending the I_Blog Conference this year! I would love to meet some of you at the conference. I won’t be staying at the hotel, but I will attend each day’s programming.

I read tweets about the conference last year, and as I’ve grown as a blogger here and as a webmaster for my homeschool business (gosh that sounds bigger than what I do), I really see the need to learn some things in order to be more effective. I’m also watching a lot of blogs evolve and thinking about my own blogs —  how could I make some elements of other blogs work for me? Similar to home schooling support groups, this is my continuing ed.

To attend the I_Blog Conference, I will miss the Iowa Honey Producers Association‘s annual conference (yes, we keep bees in our back yard), but I’ve never found much there for the recreational beekeeper.

Now for the obligatory photo. This is my youngest, a few minutes after she completed the Ankeny Youth Triathlon in 18:51.

Doesn’t she look great with her chocolate milk? She wore this smile almost the entire race.

This shot is part of Darcy’s Sweet Shot Tuesday. (I know, I’m always behind. It’s Wednesday.)

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. I look forward to meeting you at I_Blog. You saw that Darcy from My 3 Boybarians is one of the speakers, yes?

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