Why did I hesitate to rubber stamping and card making for so long?! Good question. I didn’t want to use stamps because I knew they would give me, as a new scrapper, more choices than I wanted to deal with. And they required an investment. Stamps take up space (a lot) and require money.

Now that I have several colors of ink and more than a few stamps, especially alphabets, I find myself making cards more and more frequently. I don’t need my _entire_ table like I do for scrapbooking, and I don’t make much mess.

The cards you see here were not very complicated, which means just a few minutes of time were taken. I know, blogger turns my photos. Just tilt your head. The folds are on the right hand side — right is “up.”

The alphabet stamps have definitely been a good investment. They are not consumable like stickers, and I can make them be any color I want.

I also have watercolor paints in the form of pencils, cakes, and tubes. The front of the Father’s Day card here came to me in a dream. It’s a monogram for the recipient, and looks a lot like the bath towels we had growing up. Because I’m not layering embellishments and attaching them to the card and/or using crazy amounts of matting, these cards are not labor intensive.

I had an extremely cute card designed for my SIL. In my head. Doh! My great card idea was forgotten before I had the occasion to make and give it. If I ever have the occasion to celebrate another certification, degree, or similar accomplishment, I’ll have to use my idea. Moral: make time to make cards. Review your calendar and plan accordingly.

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