The future of baggies

I’ve seen cloth snack and sandwich bags for a couple years now, but haven’t made the dive into using them. Until I saw this helpful review at Kitchen Stewardship. I really like the thought of the Wrap-n-Mat.

We use cloth placemats and napkins already when picnicking because they don’t blow away like their paper equivalents. We don’t have much plastic baggage on such occasions. I’ll have re-usable containers. But I usually just clear out the pantry and fridge, and pack an entire loaf of bread, and entire jar of jelly, etc. Everyone makes their own sandwich(es) on site. I’ll have one sandwich-sized plastic bag with a wet washcloth for cleanup and storing sticky knives and spoons.

But I’m thinking about school lunches. I now have two high school kids making lunches every day. How do you get a high school kid to use a wrap-n-mat? Discussions will be following.

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  1. I'm just thinking of what works for us and it seems like it would be practical for the older kids too. We have square and rectangular bowls(bpa free) that the lids lock tightly onto. They come in many sizes from snack to sandwich to large leftover.

    We did away with junk plastic and switched to them. I take them on picnics, in the car for snacks, everywhere. I could see sending a couple with kids to school if needed. I bought them at TJ Maxx at a much better price for a set than anywhere else I have priced them at.

    A one time investment of a nice lunch bag and a set of a few of those bowls could do the trick.

    Hope that helps!

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