Yo-yo yo-yo

Today, my youngest and I visited Living History Farms. Located in Urbandale, IA, this is truly living history. I really liked this day because 1) I got to meet new-to-me homeschool moms (Hi to Heather and Laura!) and 2) THE ANNUAL QUILT SHOW.

Living History Farms has a lot more than what is on display at the exhibits. There is an entire building of stuff archived elsewhere on the property. Once a year, different quilts from the archived collections appear in the Church of the Land (here and officially, down the page here). The stories of the quilts are just plain fun to read, the quilts are great to look at, and the volunteers working the event are nice to talk to.

I loved to look at the yo-yo’s!

This is really not a quilt — there is no backing or batting. It is more of a bedspread, and it’s all yo-yo’s! Love it!

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