Hero Arts, you’re my hero

I used my Bird Branch Alphabet all the time until three weeks ago. I thought I would save time by taking all my inky stamps in my hand and rub them clean under a stream of water from the faucet. I lost the letter ‘s’ down the drain. whoops. (I saved the letter ‘l.’)

Since I use the letter ‘s’ frequently, this loss has put a cramp in my stamping.

I sent an email pretty soon afterward to Hero Arts, the manufacturer. After waiting two weeks, I inquired at the scrapbook store and was given a toll-free phone number. I didn’t call it.

Then this week, I got this in the email inbox:

Thank you for your interest in Hero Arts.
Please provide us with your mailing address and we’d be more than happy to mail you a replacement letter at no charge.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Hero Arts
How awesome is that? 

1 thought on “Hero Arts, you’re my hero”

  1. Wow, that is some awesome customer service!!! I hope the "s" makes it to your mailbox soon! 🙂

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