Paste Paper Excitement

Aren’t they yummy-looking?

They’re here! The paste papers are here! Being the paper lover that I am, I had to enter LarkCraft’s giveaway.

Have you ever read any Laura Ingalls Wilder books? There is one part in a book that I relate to. Except instead of a cookie, it’s paper. Laura says that her cookie is so beautiful that she almost cannot bear to eat it, because then she won’t be able to look at the nice design anymore. She eats all around the edge slowly, trying to make it last.

That is how I feel about paper. I’ve mentioned to a couple scrapbookers before that some paper is so gorgeous that I can hardly stand to cover it with another piece of paper or a photograph.

Diane has elegant, lovely looking paste papers, and I am very inspired to use my winnings for greeting cards and bookmarks. If I use the paper as the centerpiece, I won’t have feelings like Laura Ingalls did.

My package is so large and heavy, I feel that I need to spread the crafting love and hold a class.

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2 thoughts on “Paste Paper Excitement”

  1. kawaii crafter

    The paper is gorgeous and I love the texture. I can understand how you just want to look at it. That's how I am with fabric.

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