I_Blog, part 2

In addition to the food buffet, we had a workshop buffet.

Ready to hear more about the I_Blog Conference? Yesterday, I forgot to say that a Picsio cam was given away on Sat. afternoon. And I want to make a video within the next 12 months, I soooo missed out on that. WAAAAH! (I am finalizing the storyboard now, so if you want to contribute to my camera fund, call me.)

So anyway, what did I do at a blog conference? Open a laptop and have everyone type posts as a group? NO!!! I learned how to make a blog “better.” I really don’t like that word, but I can’t think of just one word that is suitable. Maybe “more effective” is what I want to say. I also heard business advice. Traditional business advice, given from a blogging perspective.
Afterward, I remembered some words I heard about 15 years ago – as technology use increases, the need for human interaction increases. That is, the more you communicate through digital devices to buy stuff, converse, and do research, the more you crave contact with live people. Moral of the story: Networking! It’s all about networking.

We also ate food. Good food. Some people don’t care about what they eat as long as it’s food, but I do care. Coupled with the fact that I get hungry frequently, I definitely worry about food when I travel. Being a dancer and athlete probably works against me in this area. The Hotel Pattee provided great food for us. Having food provided was a convenience. We can maximize the networking and not worry about being late for an upcoming session because we left the building. 
And the food was a little fun. If there had been a tip jar for the omelet man’s Sunday brunch, I would have left one, even though he had to use a torch to light a faulty burner. The torch impressed me. And Midwest Dairy had yogurt, OJ, and milk for us at all times. 

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  1. Just a correction: the milk OJ and yogurt was provided by Land O Lakes Milk. 🙂

    I am so happy you took home usable info and had a great time!

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