Girl with a Knife Series, Installment 1

Welcome to the “Girl with a Knife” series.

“Where did that come from?” you ask. Behold, the Souvenir Foto School (SFS). I know that my camera bugs me, and that I should make friends with it. As a scrapbooker and mom, I really ought to have better photography skills. Not just lucky shots, but intentional shots.

Enter the SFS. From a random tweet I read from Darcy (whom I accidentally and eerily seem to be internet stalking), I saw this challenge as a way to work through some issues I have with my PowerShot. I’ve already complained about it here on this blog a few times.

I decided to work on food prep photos. Light in my kitchen is best in the a.m. since it’s on the east side of the house, a time when I don’t normally cook. Which is OK, because I’m spending 40 minutes per session when I take photos. I just have some ideas that are hard to express with a camera. One session was spent in discomfort — so I started all over.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing chopped, minced, sliced, diced, julienned, and shredded food, once a week for the next six weeks. And my knives. Or knife. If you have a knife to donate to my cause because my collection is sadly lacking, give me a call.

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