I_Blog, part 3

I understand that some people attend blog conferences in order to meet the authors of the blogs they read. I get that. If I had a yearbook, like a blank page in my conference brochure for autographs, I would have had everyone there sign it. Everybody was _that cool_.
Who was there? I_Blog had speakers and registrants. The registrants, like me, came from a wide variety of backgrounds, representing several Midwest states. The speakers reflected the same. I can think of one who came from outside the Midwest, but I won’t hold it against her. There were people with blogs and people who will soon have blogs. There were many like me who could not attend all three days. And there were some I did not meet.
Those that I did meet were great people, all with different points of view. This difference makes them all the more attractive. Like many functions that I’ve attended, nursing babies accompanied their mommas, and dads and kids hung out elsewhere.
What did the speakers say? Lots. Jody designed two tracks — one for beginners and one for experienced bloggers. Choosing one workshop per session was difficult at times.
The experience was great. Having small audiences allowed for wonderful personal interaction and attention. The hotel had great ambience. I don’t know if I can say more, other than I am still hungry for more.

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  1. I really like going to blog conferences too. It's refreshing to meet people who have the same interests and are excited about blogging.

    Have you ever attended BlogHer? It's a great conference and I highly recommend it.

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