Apple peels and such

He almost got the apple peeled in one long swipe of the peeler! A few minutes later, with a Jonathon apple, he did get one long peel, but it broke in two pieces just as I got the camera. You have to believe me.

This week, we’ve been casually baking and sewing and wood carving and sketching a self portrait and reading for fun. And watching tv and using computers, too.

We had my FIL over for dinner (stir fry) since he’s ‘bach-ing’ it for a week, and had a little card playing with him afterward.

“I” of GAIN decorated the church for Advent. She LOVED it.

I also took a lot of food pictures this week for the food + foto challenge at the Souvenir Foto School. I’m halfway through the challenge (see my submission this week at my new blog), and I’m determined to have a different knife in each of the remaining weeks.

I always take many many many pictures before I choose my selection. This week, my photo pool included the apple peelings (pretty interesting), bagels (Martha Stewart styling and food ad styling), and pies. I keep the guiding words of the incredible Sarah in my head at all times, “It’s hard to make food photos not look like barf.” So true.

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