Quick strap cover

Quick to make is totally me! This project was fast and fun — a strap cover.

I was gifted a POSH laptop carrying case last week. The main issue….it is really plain.

As I sit in my substitute authorization class, I see spiffy, but oversized, laptop bags. Like bigger than a carry-on. But the color scheme of one is right up my alley. I like the sleek size and look of the one I have. And I know that I’m keeping this one. The padding and pockets and everything are just right.

I’m in the middle of reading Grown Up Digital, by Don Tapscott, and he talks about the Net Generation needing customization of everything. Well, I’m not in the demo of the Net Gen, but I have almost always felt the need to customize my stuff.
Choosing things that are different also help me identify my stuff in the sea of conformity.

Looking at tutorials like the lovely Skip to My Lou blog (for camera straps) led me to use my Freebird fabric (shout out to Adventures in Dressmaking!) to cover the strap of the laptop bag. I used two prints (to conserve the remaining samples I have). Up close:

I guess I was so excited to shoot my new strap cover that I neglected to even up the ends. Rest assured, that has been fixed. The cushy shoulder pad and buckle (it adjusts the length) were not addressed in any of the tutorials that I read, but they were pretty easy to work through.
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