Girl with a knife series, installment 6

The last Girl with a knife photo

Sniff. Sigh. Week 6 of the Food + Foto Challenge. I will miss it. I learned how to take a bokeh (pretty faded lights), how to adjust the depth of field with my camera (the background is so soft), how to use picnik to make a watermark (look for my copyright), and that I really need my photos to tell a story (ever make guacamole for 45 people?). I tried to make pretty, Martha Stewart-type photos, the kind where you have 16 bagels in a grid. I tried for two or three weeks. Yeah, that didn’t work for me. (For helpful tips on using your camera, visit Darcy.)

The story on this photo? My husband and I cut 14 pounds of butter into pats, 1 Tbsp. each. These were for an apple pie sale at church, where almost 160 pies were sold.

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