10 in ’10

Ten new things I did in 2010

Ah, the list post.

1. I made lip balm. This new crafting adventure drew so much Facebook attention that I now sell our “Goldilocks lip balm.”

2. I got cozier with the internet. Unlike that odd, strong, and proud contingent of home school families who shun electronics and all the things that technology can do for us, I totally got closer to my laptop. (Duh. I have a blog.). Case in point, I have a new blog and domain name. One influencer was the book _Grown Up Digital_, by Don Tapscott. I also led a Des Moines Area Frugal Blog tour through my Examiner.com column, and occasionally participated in link-ups at Sweet Shot Tuesdays and Simple Lives Thursdays with two Iowa home school blogger moms.

3. I attended fun events, including the East Village Promenade (shown in the photo above from a Historical Building Terrace), I_Blog Conference and Bar Camp Des Moines (I’m wearing the T shirt today!). I’m sure I’m missing a few.

4. I entered a new stage of mom-hood: having TWO kids in high school. My younger two kids are still at home, home schooled.

5. I entered public running races. I use the term “running” loosely here. I ran two 5k’s this year, including this very cool event, the Iowa Remembrance Run, with my brother and oldest child. I’m the short one on the right. (photo credit: Maria @ Very Blessed Mommy) Info on my other race is at my old blog.

6. I went paddling with my entire family on the Upper Iowa River. Isn’t the scene wonder-filling? Every day since my first days of marriage, I’ve looked at a little photo cut out of a magazine. In it, a couple is paddling in a canoe. (I suppose I could take it down, but I think another family canoe trip would be nice.)

7. I went on a mission trip, serving the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. OK, this is a totally posed (as in “fake work”) picture, because I would never look like this if I was really in the act of roofing, but we were at the end of the work day when we realized that we had no photos. I’ve spent time in Iowa with the homeless, underinsured, under-loved, etc. but the level of poverty in South Dakota was striking because the poverty is not just monetary. If you ever see me in real life, ask me about the mission trip and to see my Pine Ridge photo books.
8. I entered a photo challenge and took a bokeh photo. Almost all of my 2010 entries on this website were for the challenge. I re-capped what I learned in this blog post.

9. I engaged with my parish in new ways — decorating the space with the Art and Environment Committee and I’m currently starting a disability ministry. The lift is really high, isn’t it?

10. I made yo-yo’s. Fabric yo-yo’s, not toy yo-yo’s. I have many fabric scraps leftover from quilting, and  Marigold inspired me to make a yo-yo necklace. I’m all about having fun, short projects, and this was both.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year! Happy 2011!

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