My elevator pitch

juliecache intro post photoI’ve got this new website as of 11/2010 (with tabs — yay!) and being a new year (it’s 2011 — yay!), I feel as if I’ve opened a gift to myself.

I thought I’d go through the 31 Days to a Better Blog and Beyond 31 Days exercises with Ang England, whom I met at the last I_Blog Conference. (Go and visit her. She’s nice. :-))  The first exercise is to write an elevator pitch — describe your blog in a couple sentences, the time required of an elevator ride.

On to the elevator pitch. For my column/blog, the content is very focused on frugal families in Des Moines. The pitch for it would be: “My column for Frugal Family in Des Moines is a resource for local families to use for being frugal in different areas of their life, including entertainment and couponing.”

For my geocaching blog, the pitch is: “Wanderings is about how I incorporate nature into my life with things like geocaching. Have you heard of geocaching?” Some times I tell funny stories, as well as really cool stories, like this monarch that hatched over my dining room table.

So what is this juliecache blog about? Did you read my tagline? An Iowa blog| mothering, homeschooling, crafting, geocaching. I wouldn’t say that to someone in an elevator. I would say, “It’s a place where I share parts of my creative homemaking life in Iowa, like beekeeping, crafting, and home schooling.” Do I have your interest now?

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