Old posts from Wandering Knits now at juliecache!

I migrated!

After reading Diana’s latest post, I thought, “Darn it, I ought to completely move my blogger posts to juliecache and then I can consult with people about migrating from blogger to WordPress, too.”

Update a few hours later: I did it! The posts from Wandering Knits are now here, and I’m feeling good about it. If you type in http://wanderingknits.blogspot.com, you’ll end up here at juliecache. The process wasn’t bad, but it’s probably more work than some people would do on their own. Which leads me to…

There is an intimidating learning curve when you first come to WordPress from blogspot. I can hold your hand and get you to ‘the other side.’ I’ve been successful for at least a year with SEO (google-ability) from my examiner.com and home schooling websites. And, you CAN afford me; I take barters. Just leave a comment; I’ll get a hold of you.

And I have found WordPress completely liberating and I love it. After I Save the Barn, I’ll spend some time sorting through my old posts from WanderingKnits. Normally, I’d ask that you stay here and read a while, but I really want you to sign the online petition (can we get from 461 signatures to 500 before 6 p.m. tonight?) and then catch up on the Maplenol Dairy Barn’s history.

Update a few hours later: A lot of people drove through the snowy roads to attend the School Board meeting. We had two hours of public comment. They are now under the microscope. I don’t know if I actually saved the barn, but I now invite you in to the blog. Go ahead and read through my archives.

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