My life is full of online connections

Most of the people I know online are people I know in real life.

When I go about my daily life, I run into people I know all the time. And I just realized this weekend that most of those people are also my online friends through LinkedIn, Facebook (FB), and Twitter. THAT MEANS MY FRIENDS ARE CURRENT AND WITH THE TIMES. YAY FOR ALL OF US!

Let me show you.

I started with saving the barn with Sarah (far left) and Holly (far right), both on FB.

Driving home from performing barn research at the State Historic Preservation Office, I passed Porch Light Antiques (Kate is a FB friend. You can also like her business on FB) and

the Brenton Skating Plaza (Pat and I are FB friends).

I also took the kids to an archaeology program; Laura (Twitter) and Ulrike (FB) did the same.

When the girls and I made pots for a DMARC event, I found Vickie (FB) already at work

I also went to a coffee shop where I saw Sandra (LinkedIn) and book club friends Cathy and Hannah and Alex (all on FB). I also met up with local bloggers, whom I featured in my last post.

I hope to see you online and in real life this year. Maybe tomorrow when we move closer to Saving the Barn?

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