Why I keep blogs at Blogger and WordPress (both)

I have a blog at free Blogspot, here at self-hosted WordPress (also here), and free WordPress.

Why do I have so many different blogs?

  1. Each blog shares a different part of my life. I’ve got juliecache.com to be an all-in-one, find-them-all place, but it’s more personal than the other blogs. But not everyone wants to see all that.
  2. I get to see what each blog service is like. They each have different advantages. I like the ease of connecting with other bloggers through Blogspot. I like the flexibility of WordPress.org. I like the lack of flexibility of Blogspot.
  3. When I’m familiar with their service, I can talk more easily with other bloggers. Which brings me to:

Come meet me and some other local bloggers in March. I’ll send details upon request.

——-adding more on Feb. 13, 2011———

4. I can join multiple blog link-ups. For example, Monday here at Juliecache has been Crafty Monday, where I link to C.R.A.F.T.’s M.M.M. This week, I’ll link the Maplenol Barn blog to the Barn Charm linky. I also host the Frugal Tuesday Tip, but I would like to also join Darcy’s Sweet Shot Tuesday every now and then. Having more than one blog allows for more interaction — for me and for the reader.

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