What does social media have to do with blogging?

I’m taking a quick break from Crafty Monday in order to talk about blogging. (This will be cross-posted at the Maplenol Barn blog later this week.)

I looked at my Twitter feed last evening. Because one of the speakers from I_Blog made an interesting comment, I decided to search for “blog chat” tweets. The following tweet struck me:

@askaaronlee: Blog is where you build your voice and peoples interest, twitter and facebook is a way to connect and spread information. #blogchat

That statement has been very true for my Save the Barn group. Our group can say much more about ourselves, the barn, and related topics on the Maplenol Barn blog, but the blog won’t get as much attention without social media. Twitter and Facebook are great places to spread information when I have more than 140 or 420 characters worth to say.

Have you quit blogging because of Facebook and Twitter? Go back to your blog. I know you have more to say.

1 thought on “What does social media have to do with blogging?”

  1. Hello Julia,

    So glad that the tweet caught your attention and that you included it in this blog post. I agree with you that without social media, i think most blogs are tough to get out there. My used social media to build traffic and readers to my blog too. 🙂

    Aaron aka @askaaronlee

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