Webcast, explosion, vans, and lesson plans

Lots of words this Wednesday

It’s only Wednesday and my life has been filled to the brim already. Let’s look at why.

Monday started out all nice and happy. I joined Michael Libbie to talk and have a webcast about the Maplenol Barn. You can listen here to Reike and me “talking barn” with Michael. ***updating  The video is now archived here.  *** We start after minute 21. And I could have said a ton more.

For your further entertainment, I’ll show you the wacky receipt we got from the parking attendant. Keep in mind that the building was just sold, and that it was moving to “credit card only payments” in March. Monday was Feb. 28, and it was cash payment only.

maplenol barn gets a handwritten receipt
Is this a valid receipt? Would your accountant laugh?

Back on topic now. The day was pretty nice until about 3 PM, when my barn friends and I were put on high alert:


We were given two hours to gather and meet with television media on location at the barn. One and a half hours of daylight left, and two hours until the 5 PM news. This created an explosion in my head. Why? Because my people and I had just formed a non-profit corporation specifically to meet the Remain option requirement, and I still didn’t have the requirement in final version. So the statement that the district was looking at the Relocate option coupled with the media and citizens calling my phone every other minute was blocking my work.

Adding to the explosion is my lack of wheels. I have four kids who have activities and daily transportation needs. One car, six family members. I do not have time for van shopping or driving to media interviews on top of this. Good thing I have surrounded myself with great people to assist me!

The Remain option requirement was finished and submitted and the evening newscasts are over, so my explosion is closed (for now). I’m closer to having a new-to-me van. Now I might have time to focus on making a fuller lesson plan for Saturday.

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