Crafty Monday

Hello, crafty people! Today, I want to show you how to share crafts with everyone. Literally.

In the DMA (Des Moines Area), we have Blank Children’s Hospital. It is not like traditional hospitals. There are Child Life Specialists (like my beautiful inside-and-out classmate Lisa), family friendly rooms, and people who are used to working with small children.

My youngest has stayed at Blank before and the staff was great. Something Blank patients need are ways to stay busy while in bed. This is where the craft sharing comes in.

assembling craft kits
4H kids assemble craft kits

My youngest is in 4-H. This month, her club did a service project, assembling craft kits for Blank Children’s Hospital — tracing, cutting paper, copying instructions, packaging, etc.

My challenge to those in crafty-land: If you have excess stash of anything, call your (children’s) hospital to see if you can donate some supplies.  If you can create a kid-friendly project and assemble self-contained kits, they’d probably love you. And it’s probably tax deductible.

This post is part of Making Monday Marvelous.

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