frugal tuesday tip

Frugal Tuesday Tip

The Frugal Tuesday Tip is a linky blog hop, dedicated to encouraging the frugal lifestyle. It is hosted by:

If you have done something frugal this last week, share it here by joining our linky blog hop or leave a comment. Keep it Rated G, and link back to here by copying and pasting the following text in your post or you can copy (Control-A, Control-C) and paste (Control-V) the code in the box to place our blog hop button anywhere on your blog:

This post is part of the Frugal Tuesday Tip.”

What is a permalink? A permalink is what you see in the browser bar for your blog POST.  It usually looks like your blog address followed by a string of characters like http://yourblog address/%?p=17  or your blog address followed by the name of your post like http://yourblog address/name of your post

We delete linky’s if they don’t conform to this rule because sometimes it’s difficult to find your frugal tip if you don’t use the permalink.

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