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I’ve written about House Party in the past (have a look here), and thought I’d mention it here because I was selected to hostess a DiGiorno House Party in the near future.  House Party is a concept that combines social media and in-person demonstrations. Once I nominated myself for a DiGiorno Pizza and Hoops Party, about a month passed from the time I was chosen, received a party pack, and will have hostessed the event. My DiGiorno Party Pack contained:pot holder and clip

  • a plastic spatula/turner
  • a pizza cutter
  • a pot holder
  • an over-the-door basketball game (think Nerf)
  • a kitchen timer
  • a magnet clip
  • tear-off sheets with tournament brackets
  • can of wet wipes to clean our messy hands
  • a welcome sign
  • coupons for the product
  • red confetti

I got a party in a box! To celebrate the House Party concept and share the love, I am giving away the pot holder, magnet clip, and 2 $4 coupons.

+++++ this giveaway is closed ++++ A winner will be chosen with One winner will be announced on Monday, March 14.

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