Crafty Monday

starburst bracelet


Today, I’d like to share a sweet craft with you —

making a bracelet out of Starburst candy wrappers

Material needed: wrappers from Starburst candies

Each link will be approximately 5/8″ long, and everyone’s wrist is a different size, so I’ll let you do the math. Or, skip the math and just save a bunch of wrappers, then figure it out as you go along.

I’ll use two formats to teach you: with photos this week, then with video next week. Click on the photo to view everything, including the text, bigger.

My daughters make these, and most of the family happily consumes candy to contribute to the cause.


starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial

connecting links of starburst bracelet

starburst bracelet last link

wearing a starburst bracelet


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