Frugal Tuesday Tip

Welcome to the Frugal Tuesday Tip, a linky blog hop dedicated to encouraging the frugal lifestyle.

It is hosted by:

If you have done something frugal this last week, share it here by joining our linky blog hop or leave a comment. Keep it Rated G, and link back to here by copying and pasting the following text in your post or you can copy (Control-A, Control-C) and paste (Control-V) the code in the box to place our blog hop button anywhere on your blog:

This post is part of the Frugal Tuesday Tip.”

What is a permalink? A permalink is what you see in the browser bar for your blog POST.  It usually looks like your blog address followed by a string of characters like http://yourblog address/%?p=17  or your blog address followed by the name of your post like http://yourblog address/name of your post

We delete linky’s if they don’t conform to this rule because sometimes it’s difficult to find your frugal tip when you don’t use the permalink. Thank you for understanding.

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