Performing Beautifully

three of us at the 5k finish line
julia ran a 5k
I'm the short one on the right.

Every now and then, I blog about my fitness journey. I ran my first 5k with a friend a little over a year ago. Just to see if I could do it. My daughter and my brother also wanted to see if they could run a 5k by late summer, and I went with them. My schedule has very little room in the early season this year, and my goals are changing.

I’d like to run a longer distance.

I’d like to possibly travel and incorporate fitness into the trip.

I’d like to look “good.”

Also changing is my attitude. I realize that even if I weighed in at my high school weight, my body would not be my high school body. I’ve had four children. I quit dancing eight years ago. My skills and abilities have changed.

My attitude about beauty and performance has been about the same, though. I credit a healthy perspective from grounded dance teachers for that. By focusing on strength, ability, and talent, not weights and measurements, not a count-able number of physical tricks, not drawing comparisons, but emphasizing positive traits and skills, my teachers were able to show me what really mattered. The message was to give 110% as often as possible, even when you practice. Do what you can and do it well.

This is where Oakley Women enters my life. As I was flipping through a fitness magazine, I saw the Oakley Women ad, that says in really big lettering

“Perform Beautifully”


What a message. It’s good for every stage of life.

Wanting to use more video this year (thanks to the I_Blog Conference), I created a three minute video entry about performing beautifully. Take a look at it. Vote for me. Make your own entry. Just click here for the video. Come back and tell me your thoughts on performing beautifully.