Crafty Monday: Willow weaving

My newest awesome no-cost craft is

willow weaving

Kay from the Brenton Arboretum led a small group of us in willow weaving a few days ago.

First we found a bank full of sandbar willows. See the tall stuff on the right? That’s what we want.

sandbar north raccoon river

We went about identifying willows that were about as thick as a pencil, then cut them for weaving.

finding the right willow for weaving

cutting willows for weavingWe formed two circles.


begin willow weaving

And set them perpendicular to each other in the sand.

With another willow, wrap the “corners” or intersections to secure the two circles in place. You’ll want the wrapping to be about 2″ beyond the joint.

2" beyond joint

With more willows, you’ll add what I call “stretchers.” I am sure there is a basketry term for this, but  it’s the ribcage that will be woven through. The ends of the stretchers are secured in the intersections.

installing stretchers

Now the end is near! Weave willows under and over the stretchers.

over and under willow weaving

I’m almost done. I’ll finish by making another wreath, which I’ll install from the bottom up in order to ensure a tight fit around the rim. I’ll trim the ends of the weavings and be finished!


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