Car Hack Finished

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Like I said the other day, our new van (“The Van”) has different features than our old van (“The Yankee School Bus”).  One difference is the visors aren’t long enough to fully block the sun. Argh! Who likes the sun in their eyes?

visor isn't long enough

You can see that I’ve got a wide elastic band on the visor. That band is now holding a piece of cardboard. When I need to, I can pull the cardboard out to fill the gap and block the sun from my eyes.

extender keeps the sun out of my eyes

You can hand sew waistband elastic and cut cardboard from a cereal box. Very little time and money spent to enhance my driving pleasure. Aaaah.

If it’s night time or the sun’s not killing my eyes, I just push the cardboard back against the visor. Car hack!

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