Top Ten Tips for Using Grocery Coupons

Happy Sunday, everyone! The Sunday newspaper is an excellent place to get grocery coupons, so I thought I’d make a list of ways to use your coupons more effectively.

julia's coupon binder

Top Ten Tips for Using Grocery Coupons

  1. Have a budget, as explained by frugal mom Sara
  2. Set a spending goal and a saving goal like local dad Trent does
  3. Get coupons in the free Sunday newspaper
  4. Print out internet coupons or ask manufacturer’s to send you coupons
  5. Organize your coupons in a binder, just I did in the photo.
  6. Compare ads and make a shopping list to maximize your time and money
  7. Take advantage of sales by creating a stockpile
  8. Manage the stock pile
  9. Read an e-book, like Learning the Frugal Life’s Grocery Rules. I co-authored this title! It covers meal planning, which goes hand in hand with grocery shopping and stock piling. Price: $1.50
  10. Consider an Eat from the Pantry Challenge like local mom Karen. Or, if you are really daring, jump-start your savings with 30 Days of Nothing


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